Does your organization find provider directories a challenge? Could you use more support to navigate the constantly evolving provider regulation landscape? Join health plans, provider groups, policy makers, and industry experts to discuss the state of provider directories and the best practices to keep them updated and accurate.

Our first roundtable discussion is on Wednesday, February 1st!


Monthly Provider Directory Webinars


The first Wednesday of each month.



-Insider Tips: Outreach Performance Best Practices

-Preliminary Results on AHIP pilot NORC report

-DMHC/CDI Guidance Review for CA Health Plans from AHIP’s Sunshine Moore 

-Simon Haeder, University of West Virginia:  What will the upcoming new healthcare changes via the new Trump administration mean for provider directories?

Watch Webinar Video:

To see video of webinar, email to get access password. BD_MonthlyWebinar_Feb17 from BetterDoctor Webinar on Vimeo.