Welcome to our first meetup as Quest Analytics on Wednesday, July 25th! This time around we will host a data- and developer-focused evening where we dig into data like there’s no tomorrow. For this purpose, Quest Analytics and doc.ai will bring speakers who lead data science or data operations in their companies to share their interesting data challenges. This practical workshop  is a great opportunity for you to learn about the data and the data related opportunities each company presents.

Join us on Wednesday, July 25th at 6:30 p.m. to put everyone’s creative minds together.

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Our amazing speakers are:

Diane is a technical leader with a passion for using data to help solve health care problems. She works as Head of Data Operations at BetterDoctor, where she oversees and executes data operations, ETL, and exports for our health plan clients.

Kartik Thakore, Sr. Data Scientist at doc.ai, has worked in the medical data space since 2011. His work brings artificial intelligence and statistical solutions to the medical health care landscape. He has led several startups, including founding AIMED Stat Inc and then subsequently BetterDoctor and Human API, before joining Doc.ai in 2018. Kartik also shares his data science expertise by advising several other startups in the Bay Area, London, and Toronto on machine learning, data engineering, and architectural directions.

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P.S. We ARE hiring! Check out the open positions at  BetterDoctor.