BetterDoctor is proud to announce our participation at ProPublica’s First Hackathon in Chicago to design innovative health care solutions.

BetterDoctor brings accuracy to doctor data with a real-time platform, master database and API services that enable everyone to add doctor data to their systems, websites and applications. Today, BetterDoctor API and data tools power health insurance companies, healthcare startups and doctor search tools.

With this hackathon, ProPublica celebrates the launch of their Vital Signs API and invite developers to Chicago to create solutions for helping patients receive better, more affordable health care.

According to ProPublica, “Over two days, participants will work together in small teams to explore, identify and prototype tools to help patients navigate challenges in the healthcare industry and access the best possible care. Speakers will present information on the challenges patients face, how patients view quality metrics, and existing tools for matching patients with high-quality, low-cost care options.”

Applications to join the hackathon are open until April 30, 2017. Apply now!


May 13-14, 2017


[1871] (

222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1212 Chicago, IL 60654

How to apply:

Apply here

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What three main APIs will developers be equipped with?

  • ProPublica Vital Signs API, which harnesses quantitative and qualitative data from our top health investigations, with a focus on key metrics of quality and cost of care, as well as comparative metrics that flag doctors with unusual practice patterns.
  • BetterDoctor API, which provides comprehensive information about doctors – including contact information, health plan coverage, and more – straight from the source and in real time.
  • Yelp Fusion API, which gives developers access to detailed profile information from providers’ pages on Yelp.