“Create an interactive webpage where users may research doctors in their area with up-to-date information, in order to make informed decisions about their medical care.”

Does this sound like a service you would use? This is the prompt for one assignment in an Epicodus JavaScript class. Over the last few months, students at Epicodus Coding School have been creating and powering their apps with BetterDoctor’s provider data via our free API. We’re proud to collaborate with such an innovative and forward-thinking coding school! I interviewed Courtney, Curriculum Developer at Epicodus, about their creative projects in the health space. 

Q: Tell us what you do at Epicodus.

Courtney:  I currently work on curriculum here at Epidocus. Our coding school runs five different 27-week programs, which include Ruby & Rails, CSS & Design, C# & .NET, PHP & Drupal, and Java & Android. All of these programs include the same 5 weeks of JavaScript curriculum where one part uses BetterDoctor’s killer API!

Q: So you say every single student uses the BetterDoctor API for provider data. Why did you choose it?

Courtney: We first chose your API for one of our JavaScript projects after seeing your documentation. APIs can be complicated, especially for beginners. So we were impressed with your clear, thorough explanations and instructions. It was such a pleasant surprise when you later reached out to offer our students increased rate limits. Thanks for supporting the next generation of developers!

Q: It’s great to hear there’s interest. To me it seems like the learning to code is getting more and more popular. How many students do you currently have?

Courtney: Yes, things have been very busy around here! We have two campuses, one in Portland, OR and the other in Seattle, WA. In 2017 we have 18 separate JavaScript courses across all programs and campuses. Each course has approximately 30 students, so 500+ students will each create a project using your API this year.

Sounds like an awesome way to learn to code, doesn’t it? If you want to see the rest of the coding assignment, sign up for Epicodus JavaScript or other coding courses here.

If you’re already familiar with coding, you can power your app with our doctor data by signing up for the free API **here**.

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