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Angelina Rodriguez, MD
5533 Mahoning Ave, Ste D
Austintown, OH 44515

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Angelina Rodriguez's Background


Dr. Angelina Rodriguez, MD--specialist in family medicine--currently practices medicine at Youngstown, Ohio and Austintown, Ohio.

Dr. Rodriguez is licensed to treat patients in Ohio.

Dr. Rodriguez has been found during an automated background check to be clear of any malpractice history and holds one or more active medical licenses.



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Angelina Rodriguez's Common Procedures

The chart below shows how many procedures Angelina Rodriguez performed for patients covered by Medicare.

Procedure Performed Individual Patients Medicare Charge *
Office / outpatient visit, established patient, 15 minutes 140 67 $102
Coll venous blood venipuncture 98 49 $6
Office / outpatient visit, established patient, 15 minutes 57 47 $102
Office / outpatient visit, established patient, 25 minutes 54 26 $160
Prothrombin time 26 11 $12
Office / outpatient visit, new patient, 30 minutes 26 26 $188
Electrocardiogram, complete 20 19 $40
Administration of influenza virus vaccine 15 14 $28
Urinalysis non-automated without scope 13 12 $7
Influenza virus vaccine, split virus, individuals 3 years of age and older, intramuscular (flulaval) 12 11 $14
Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
* The average price charged to Medicare for the procedure by the provider

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