Join BetterDoctor at AHIP’s National Conference on Medicare, Medicaid, and Duals this week. Hundreds of health care professionals join to focus on reducing barriers to care, delivering high quality services, and lowering costs. BetterDoctor will speak to what the future of provider directories looks like.

What: AHIP Panel Session Powered by BetterDoctor The Future of Provider Data: Data Management Innovations Health plans need accurate provider data in almost all core processes, from provider directory listings to claims management and network design. It’s critical to get the data right, but today this is not the case. This session will give you a summary of the current state of provider data and walk you through key innovative technologies and concepts dedicated to improve provider data. Specific topics for discussion will include blockchain source of truth, health system data management, and workflow integration such as referral and care management. Additionally, the integration of multiple transactional feeds like claims data and medical records data will also be discussed.

When: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 11:50am - 12:40pm  ET

Who: Ari Tulla, CEO & Co-Founder of BetterDoctor

If you missed us this time, but would like to learn more about our data validation services, click here and download our White Paper on The Challenges behind fixing provider directory data.