BetterDoctor Exchange for Large Provider Groups & Health Systems

Update provider data once for distribution to all health plans at no cost.

Join the BetterDoctor Exchange

We share provider data updates across all your contracted health plans.

Save time and reduce overhead spent on communicating with health plans individually.

The old way
The new way

Receive support to improve your own provider data and get certified annually.

The Certificate of Compliance proves to CMS and health plans that you are keeping your provider data up to date.

View health plan representation of your data to monitor updates and ensure consistency.

Transparency across health plans allows for easy comparison and error resolution.

Increase patient acquisition.

The BetterDoctor Exchange promotes attested providers to health plans to help them meet network access and adequacy requirements.

450,000 providers

participate in the BetterDoctor Exchange.

95% of health plans

work with us to build and maintain networks.

Join the BetterDoctor Exchange.

BetterDoctor partners with health plans — and now also with large groups and health systems — to simplify provider directory updates using the BetterDoctor Exchange.

The BetterDoctor Exchange is a secure source of timely, accurate, and attested provider data for 450,000 providers (and growing). Provider data updates are distributed through the exchange to participating health plans to improve network listings for patients seeking medical services.

Join the BetterDoctor Exchange at no cost to ensure your provider data is listed accurately and up to date in contracted network directories. Participating groups can use existing roster files to maintain and improve data within the exchange.

Regulators are encouraging action to improve provider data

Since 2016, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has required health plans to communicate with network physicians quarterly to verify directory information. Over the last 3 years, CMS audits have indicated that approximately 50% of Medicare Advantage Organization (MAO) directory listings had at least one critical deficiency that could impede a patient’s access to care. 1

CMS has publicly stated that health plans cannot rely solely on group rosters for directory updates. By participating in the BetterDoctor Exchange, your organization and health plans can work toward better accuracy and member experience together.


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