Student Feature Case Study: How to build a telemedicine app with video call – HealthCloud by Roshan Kadasani

Roshan recently finished his “HealthCloud” healthcare application he built for his Master’s project. In this interview we’ve invited him to talk about his web app development journey.

BetterDoctor (BD): Roshan, tell us about yourself and your idea about HealthCloud.

Roshan: I have just graduated in Computer Science from California State University, Fullerton. For my final Master’s project I had to build an app and I wanted to focus on healthcare, as I believe technology will solve many problems in that field. Everyone has experienced long waiting times at a doctor’s visit. I even found out in a survey that the average appointment wait time to see a family physician can range up to 66 days! I wanted to fix this by building HealthCloud, a web app that enables patients to stay connected to medical professionals through features like video call and chat.


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