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Balanced Family Medicine Of North County
1537 Grand Ave, Ste D
San Marcos, CA 92078

Tamara Aburto-Pratt's Patient Reviews

  • 9/19/2012
    By Deborah G.
    Dr. Pratt is Great! She has been my family/general and obgyn doctor for years now. Her fabulous "NO WAITING" (in the office) policy of dealing with... read more

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Tamara Aburto-Pratt's Background


About the practice:
I welcome you to a unique, integrative solo Family Medicine practice in San Marcos, CA, where we focus on customized holistic care of each individual. My patients span the age range from newborns on up through the 90s.
My focus is on helping patients optimize wellness (physically, mentally, spiritually) by addressing lifestyle, activity & fitness, diet, optimizing hormone balance, and, when necessary, including help from supplements, homeopathic remedies, herbology, and prescriptive medications. I have great respect for the disciplines of osteopathy,
acupuncture, and mind-body medicine. I believe in the power of intention, prayer, & positive thoughts, thriving on involvement & connectedness. As a pragmatic idealist, I'll always be on the side of healing & growth, empowering each patient to active involvement in each of their healthcare decisions. I take the role of partner and educator in that healthcare decision-making process.
Common problems I see include Hormone issues for men and women, Thyroid problems, Fatigue, Weight Management Issues, Food Allergies/Sensitivities, as well as the whole range of Traditional Family Practice & routine physicals including routine gynecology services.

Personal Background:
Dr. Pratt has been in private practice in San Marcos, CA since 1998, having been in group practice in Escondido and Rancho Bernardo for 10 years prior to that. She was raised in Ventura, California and comes from a family in which she had many sources of inspiration. Minister father, and all 4 older siblings have Doctorates in their fields and teacher mom lacked only 2 classes to turn her Master's Degree into a Doctorate. You can imagine the joking (as well as the fascinating conversations!) around the holiday table when all those Drs. Pratt got together!
Dr. Pratt went to college at UCLA obtaining her B.S. in Kinesiology (the study of movement and exercise). Working as a Teaching Assistant, she went on to obtain her Master's Degree in that same subject before beginning medical school at UCSD. She graduate from UCSD School of Medicine in June of 1985, got married the next week, and began her internship the subsequent week, now as Dr. Aburto-Pratt. Internship and Residency In Family Medicine were at the UCLA-affiliated Northridge Hospital Medical Center in southern California's San Fernando Valley. Dr. Pratt added to her learning experience whilst in her 3-year residency by having 2 of her 3 kids during that time. She was also awarded the Outstanding Resident Award for her graduating class in 1988.
During her first 5 years of practice, Dr. Aburto-Pratt was able to do low-risk obstetrics as well as newborn care and whole-family medicine. Dr. Pratt delivered her last obstetrical patient 3 months before her own 3rd child was born. Over the years, mentored by her sister Dr. Delia Pratt, who was also a Family Physician, as well as through Continuing Medical Education Conferences in such fields as Medical Hypnosis, Osteopathic Manipulation, and Bio-Identical Hormone Management, her knowledge base in Holistic Medicine has broadened.
On the personal side of life, Dr. Pratt has been an active community volunteer for many years, wearing many hats: Classrooms volunteer for all 3 kids, Coach (recreational basketball, soccer; Club basketball), Director for RB Youth Basketball League, Board member and also President of Bronco Basketball Club, Set-painter, Song-leader, Choreographer, & mostly Director for Summer Funner Theater (a Non-denominational Non-profit Christian kids' theater camp), Sunday School teacher, Christian Education director, Volunteer worship team accompanist/vocalist, Parent Volunteer Rancho Bernardo Madrigals Vocal Ensemble. She also had the privilege of caring for her parents as they aged and gracefully transitioned to the next life, her dad in his own home in San Diego, and then her mom in her own home following a stroke. Dr. Pratt is blessed with the excellent health genes of her nonogenarian parents, which she enhances with exercise, dance, prayer, and spiritual connectedness.
Listener, teacher, learner, problem solver, willing to think outside the box, willing to question: these are the legacies bequeathed to Dr. Aburto-Pratt by her family, her training, and her patients. You will find she will listen to you, honor your questions, think with you, explain things to you, and generally spend more time with you than what is typical in medicine these days, and come up with a plan that is helpful for you.


  • MD
    University of California at San Diego, School of Medicine
  • MS (1981)
    University of California at Los Angeles
  • BS (1979)
    University of California at Los Angeles
  • Residency (1988)
    Northridge Hospital Family Practice Residency Program, Northridge, CA



  • English
  • Spanish; Castilian

Tamara Aburto-Pratt's Common Procedures

The chart below shows how many procedures Tamara Aburto-Pratt performed for patients covered by Medicare.

Procedure Performed Individual Patients Medicare Charge *
Office / outpatient visit, established patient, 25 minutes 192 86 $139
Office / outpatient visit, established patient, 15 minutes 182 77 $85
Office / outpatient visit, established patient, 40 minutes 146 92 $190
Administration of influenza virus vaccine 31 31 $33
Influenza virus vaccine, split virus, individuals 3 years of age and older, intramuscular (fluzone) 31 31 $35
Office / outpatient visit, new patient, 60 minutes 12 12 $225
Screening papanicolaou smear; obtaining, preparing and conveyance 11 11 $50
Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
* The average price charged to Medicare for the procedure by the provider

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