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110 Lloyd Ave
Tyrone, GA 30290

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William Lambert's Background


Specializing in family medicine, Dr. William Lambert, MD is one of the country's most highly rated doctors. He currently treats patients in Tyrone, Georgia.

Dr. Lambert is licensed to practice medicine at Georgia.

Dr. Lambert has been rated among the top 20% of doctors in the United States, based on his experience, network and credentials.

Dr. Lambert has passed an automated background check which looked at elements including medical license status and malpractice screening (no history found).



  • English

William Lambert's Common Procedures

The chart below shows how many procedures William Lambert performed for patients covered by Medicare.

Procedure Performed Individual Patients Medicare Charge *
Office / outpatient visit, established patient, 15 minutes 586 211 $105
Office / outpatient visit, established patient, 25 minutes 224 147 $160
Influenza virus vaccine, split virus, individuals 3 years of age and older, intramuscular (flulaval) 92 91 $20
Administration of influenza virus vaccine 90 90 $20
Urinalysis non-automated without scope 77 61 $17
Urinalysis, non-automated with scope 50 32 $20
Office / outpatient visit, established patient, 10 minutes 30 26 $95
Chest x-ray 26 22 $94
Immunization administration 24 24 $35
Test for blood, feces 23 23 $20
Electrocardiogram, complete 21 20 $85
Glucose blood test 17 17 $15
Office / outpatient visit, new patient, 30 minutes 13 13 $165
Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
* The average price charged to Medicare for the procedure by the provider

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