Finding the right doctor shouldn’t be difficult.



Clean and verified information about doctors in your plan. Access our real-time provider data API, and ProofPoint validation service.



Validate your information as required by Medicare Advantage and Exchange Marketplace standards and CA Senate Bill 137.


We believe that finding the right doctor shouldn’t be as difficult or time consuming as it is today. In a world where flights, food and fun are just a click away, we build tools to bring trust, confidence and transparency to the process of finding a doctor.

Today, our data and platforms are used by over 7 health plans, 160 companies, 400 developers and 7,000 practices to help people find the care they deserve.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA - BetterDoctor is proud to announce its collaboration with America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) to solve the doctor directory problem that has plagued the healthcare industry for decades.

Participants in the BetterData Alliance include health insurance companies, health systems and doctors who work together to improve the quality of doctor databases. Once validated, the doctor data will be made available on consumer web platforms, helping millions of patients gain easier access to accurate doctor data.

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - BetterDoctor Inc, announced today that it will launch its newest product, BetterDoctor ProofPoint, at HIMSS 2016 in Las Vegas. This product serves Health Insurers and Managed Care Organizations with a scalable technology platform to update their provider directories and successfully comply with new federal and state regulatory requirements.

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SAN FRANCISCO - BetterDoctor is proud to announce a new data partnership with Dr, Chrono. We will work together to help consumers access better, more accurate online data about doctors to find the right care.

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