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Accurate Provider Data

Validate your provider data - all in one place.

Health Systems

Update provider data once for distribution to all health plans.
Save time and reduce overhead spent on communicating with health plans individually.

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Large Groups

Monitor updates and maintain consistency.
Ensure health plan representation of your provider data is accurate and up to date.

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Help patients find you.
Stay regulation-compliant and validate your contact information with the insurance companies you contract with — all in one place.

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Trusted by 29 Health Plans, Including:

Quest Analytics Acquires BetterDoctor to Create First Integrated Platform for Health Plans to Ensure Network Adequacy, Data Accuracy and Enhanced Member Experience.

BetterDoctor solves America’s provider directory problem

BetterDoctor delivers accurate provider directory data to ensure health plans, health systems, provider groups, and doctors are regulation-compliant and can provide patients with care they’re looking for.

For providers

Straightforward self-reporting portal that’s easy to use.
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For large groups and health systems

Participating groups can use existing roster files to provide updates.
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Let’s fix provider data together.

Because finding the right doctor shouldn't be difficult.

Patients’ access to care is challenged by inaccurate provider data. Regulators have responded by rolling out requirements across the country for health plans and providers to insure provider directories are up to date.

BetterDoctor makes it easier for patients and doctors to connect by working with health plans, provider groups, health systems, and startups to create and deliver high quality, accurate data to the marketplace at large. Our tools help bring trust, transparency, and confidence to the process of finding a doctor.

Are you a doctor? Update your data today.
70% When not verified, data causes 70% of patients to get misdirected when finding a doctor.
62% Invalidated data causes 62% of patients to be frustrated and submit complaints to health plans and regulators.
20% 20% of provider directories change every month. BetterDoctor helps keep on top of these changes.

Why BetterDoctor?

Dedicated & Talented Team

Our San Francisco-based team helps health plans, startups, and individual developers get the doctor data they need so consumers can get health information when they need it most.

Next Generation Technology

We ship creative and nimble solutions that meet our customer’s data quality needs — that includes real-time, validated data flowing through our next-generation platform.

Big Ideas

It’s an exciting time to be a health data company. There’s so much that’s possible with accurate provider data. We’re excited to improve healthcare delivery and reduce waste in our health system.

We are backed by first tier investors.

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