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About us

BetterDoctor helps people find and connect to the best doctors through our consumer app, doctor marketing services, and API. Our mission is to help increase transparency in healthcare and help consumers make better decisions.

BetterDoctor for Patients
BetterDoctor's mobile app helps consumers search for doctors in their area using our comprehensive, data-driven algorithm that accounts for a doctor's education, experience and referral network.

BetterDoctor for Doctors
BetterDoctor helps busy doctors grow their practice by building an online presence that reflects their expertise and trustworthiness.

BetterDoctor for Innovators
BetterDoctor's API is democratizing health care data to encourage transparency and innovation in the health space. We collaborate with insurance companies, startups, and educational institutions to power applications that provide users with industry-leading, high-quality data.

About the founders

When Ari Tulla moved to California from Finland, he faced complex health issues in his family and needed to find the right doctor to work with. He wasted hours and days searching the web, calling offices and trying to figure out which doctors are good and available.

“There has to be a better way,” he thought. He had been solving problems with technology for over ten years. Ari set out to solve the puzzle with his brilliant Nokia colleague, Tapio Tolvanen.

Ari and Tapio designed a system that would easily tell you who the best doctors are. They strived to include every doctor in the country in their database.

With a bunch of code monkeys, data wizards and designers (that's us!), Ari and Tapio have been able to help millions of people with the problem of finding the best doctor that they were struggling with themselves.

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Search every doctor in the country


Perhaps you’ve moved to a new community


Or you’re searching for a pediatrician in your area


Or started a new job with a different insurance plan

Find a doctor you can trust

People usually find their doctor through a friend’s recommendation or a few anonymous online reviews. Our ratings system gives you a 360 degree view of your doctor, so you can look for a doctor who has graduated from a top medical school, finished her residency in a top hospital, and has been referred by other highly qualified doctors who trust her with their patients’ lives. You can see how many times she has performed the very procedure you need, and she gets a higher rating if she has published a research paper on the minimally invasive type of that procedure.

How is the BetterDoctor rating calculated?

The BetterDoctor rating is objective and data-driven, and goes beyond simple reviews and bedside manner. The rating is based on a comprehensive 7-variable algorithm to answer three questions to determine the doctor's rating:

Is the doctor highly educated?

  • We check:
  • Medical school quality
  • Active medical licenses

Does the doctor have experience and training?

  • We look at:
  • Quality of training hospitals
  • Years of experience
  • Contributions to research publications

Is the doctor highly regarded by other doctors?

  • We calculate:
  • Amount of referrals from other doctors
  • Quality of the referring doctors

Look for the BetterDoctor rating

Verified BetterDoctors have 4+ stars. You can identify Verified BetterDoctors by the check next to their name and the 4+ stars in their profile.

BetterDoctor lists more than 95% of all doctors in the country, but less than 20% of all doctors nationwide qualify as a Verified BetterDoctor.

Trusted by 10,000,000 patients since 2012