Last weekend, BetterDoctor’s API was used to innovate healthcare solutions at Hack Healthcare! by Health 2.0 San Francisco.

The hackathon, organized by a team of volunteers, was the first of its kind and brought together healthcare APIs (BetterDoctor, Athenahealth, Yelp Fusion) as well as other healthcare players’ APIs (Grand Rounds, Limelight health) to support finding solutions for provider access and availability. During the three day event, Google Launchpad hosted 10 teams and 70 participants with technical, design, and business expertise combined with healthcare and clinical backgrounds.

Most of the teams used BetterDoctor API to pull in provider and practice data into their solutions. The 10 teams came up with ideas such as Slack bots for taking tests related to specific illnesses like diabetes. These bots then enabled the patient to find a specific doctor for that particular illness, with BetterDoctor API, and schedule an appointment with Athenahealth’s API. Other examples included a platform to organize care, in case of a natural disaster, that permitted providers to verify their licences through the APIs. The Best Use of BetterDoctor API went to a team called Sleeper Agents whose solution focused on finding out whether or not the doctor is in your network – a problem that many are facing.

The prizes went to: I) inPhood – Slack bot for making a diabetes test by Prabhaav Bhardwaj and Alex Carreira, Doctors in Touch – Referral tool by Steven Pease, Nicholas Dunkel, Chandni J Purohit, Usman Raza, Kelly Ling, Patrick Scripilliti and Zahra Tashakorinia that also won the category for the Best Use of Athenahealth API. Selena Health – Scheduling platform for women with autoimmune diseases by Juliet Oberding, Terje Norderhaug, Nate Valerio and Sophia Liang.

The lucky winners were chosen by the judges, Anya Schiess (Healthy VC), Santosh Mohan (More Disruption Please, Athenahealth), Neil Devani (Singularity Holdings VC), JP Patil (Grand Rounds) and Dr. Girish Subramanyan (Psychiatrist). Congratulations for the teams!

If you are interested in joining a healthcare hackathon, BetterDoctor will also be at Stanford’s health++ next weekend, October 21-22. In addition, our friends at Athenahealth are hosting their athenahackathon in Boston November 4-5. If you can’t join and still want to hack, sign up for a free BetterDoctor API account and get access to provider data.