Are you going to HIMSS 2018? Let’s meet up!

The BetterDoctor team is returning to HIMSS 2018. Come join us! This year, we arrive ready to show the  HIMSS community our proven provider data attestation and management system that helps companies access quality data. We love our work and are in touch with half of providers across the country. We are looking to meet with people who deal with provider data in their organizations, who work with updating provider directories or try to understand the complexities that lie within provider data.

How can we help you with provider data management?

We’re a healthcare data company that ensures that provider data is accurate and health plans are compliant with both federal and state provider data regulations. BetterDoctor performs provider outreach on behalf of multiple health plans, maintaining the highest data integrity. Each quarter, we work with doctors across the country to receive high quality contact information and professional data.

Why do we want to talk to you about provider data at HIMSS 2018?

Our modern technology approach ensures that doctors feed us their up-to-date information and the data reaches the health plan partners in the most efficient way– this leads to cost savings for the health plans we work with and reduces the compliance burden on providers. We have a unique way of solving this industry wide problem–and we want to share our work with you. You can start by reading our White Paper about challenges about provider data, or checking out these videos from our Provider Data Summit 2017. We’re happy to meet up in person at HIMSS 2018. Get in touch and let’s set up a meeting in Vegas!

After HIMSS, let’s party

Join BetterDoctor & .health Happy Hour on Thursday March 8 at 7pm. RSVP here:  

If you are looking for more information about how to better manage your provider, join one of our monthly provider data webinars here.

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