The Best Cities to Raise Active Children

California is the place to be

Studies show habits formed in childhood are far more likely to stay with a person into adulthood – especially physical activity. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, families who make physical activities a priority during childhood provide their children with a strong foundation for a lifetime of health.

Because active childhoods are so important, BetterDoctor crunched the numbers to find out where families are raising children and assessed school quality scores and outdoor metrics to figure out where the best cities are to raise active children.


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Is Your Doctor Influenced By Pharmaceutical Money?

Transparency in healthcare – is your doctor under the influence?

Transparency has become a big word in healthcare. When people talk about the need for transparency in healthcare, they’re usually referring to the need for financial transparency. People want to know how their doctors are tied into pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies, how health policy is linked to insurance companies, and of course – how much they’re going to have to pay for care they receive.

Here, we’re going to take a closer look specifically at the financial relationship between physicians and pharmaceutical companies.


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What Does it Take to Practice Medicine?

Ever wonder how many years of school it took your doctor to get where they are now?

Most people know doctors go through a lot of training to be able to practice medicine – but what that training is (and how long it takes) is a bit more obscure to most people. Doctors are  often labeled ‘Board-Certified,’ ‘Fully licensed,’ ‘Specialist’ and ‘Subspecialist’ – but what do those actually mean when it comes to a physician’s education?

It can be really confusing; and because we know experience and level of training are important decision factors for people choosing a doctor, we’ve created a simple flow chart and detailed article to help you understand your doctor’s medical training.


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States With The Highest Rates of Drug Use

According to the CDC, 40,393 people died of drug-induced causes in 2010—this means there’s a drug-induced death in the U.S. every 13 minutes.

BetterDoctor crunched the numbers to identify the states  where illicit drugs pose greater risks for people, and where legal addictive substances are used the most to help raise awareness about National Prevention Week 2015 – an annual health observance dedicated to increasing public awareness of, and action around, substance abuse and mental health issues taking place this May 17-23. BetterDoctor advocates leading a healthy lifestyle and limiting the use of narcotics–preventative care is they key to keeping your body healthy and your medical bills low. (more…)

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Cities Where Big Pharma Pays Doctors The Most

What does your doctor get from the drugs he prescribes you? Is it a lunch once a year, or is it millions of dollars in payment for speaking engagements and trips to London?

More than half a million doctors received money totaling over $3.5 billion from pharmaceutical companies between August and December 2013.  These payments include monetary gifts, trips and hotel fees, consulting fees, speaking fees, food and beverages, tickets to concerts and sporting events, royalties and more. (more…)

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